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Our Products

We sell farm raised, grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, eggs and chicken . . .

Our beef, lamb and pork are:

o    Produced on our own farm, so you will know the source of your animal.
o    GMO free barley/corn-fed.
o    No hormones are fed.
o    No added antibiotics are placed in feed or supplements.
o    We do not use ruminant derived protein or bone meal in the feed or as supplements.
o    Humane handling practices.
o    Tender, healthy, flavorful beef  & lamb for a great taste you won't forget.
o    Processed and packaged either by custom packaging or packaging to meet your own specifications.
o    Dry aged for a minimum of 10-14 days.



We obtain our meat chicks from regional sources.

Chicks are raised in a environmentally controlled brooder until they are able to be without a heat source.

Chicks remain indoors until approximately 6 weeks of age. Then they are provided a pasture access area, where they are allowed indoor/outdoor throughout the day. For their safety the chickens are confined at night.


Our laying hens lay a variety of colored and white eggs. 

The hens have an indoor/outdoor access area, where they forage grass, insects and non-gmo layer mash (that we obtain locally).

Our eggs taste extra good because of the love the ladies receive daily from our daughters

Farm Market Hours

Online Shop: 24/7 | Monday-Saturday By appointment | Sunday Closed


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