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Long Time Reader, First Time Blogger!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Welcome Everyone! As the title reads, I am a long time reader of blogs but a first time blogger, so please bare with me as we start this new adventure. We hope to bring a few different things to our blog; education, information, recipes, daily excerpts in the day in the life of the farmer's wife, farm stories, jokes and many more. To start off how about a little introduction of our farm and how I became the Farmer's Wife (the short version). . .

Our farm, Sweet Grass Farms, is located in the picturesque eastern upper peninsula of Michigan. The Farmer (JD) and I are the 3rd generation to operate this farm, though we both come from long time farming roots. Currently, we pasture raise and graze cattle, sheep, hogs, goats, chickens and ducks. The farm consist of just over 1600 acres, with The Farmer farming just over 2000 acres in total. The Farmer was born and raised on the farm and it was his childhood dream to own and operate the farm one day with a wife and family . . . there were a few other details in there too but anyways they all started to come true in December of 2003.

December 2003, the blind date. . . yep you read that right, the Farmer and I were setup on a blind date, more on that at a later date. We went on a double date with a mutual friend and his wife, we went to dinner where the Farmer proceeded to chit chat with the friend, leaving me to chat with the wife. Needless to say I wasn't too impressed. Then to top it off the friend asked me if I wanted to hang out with the Farmer more that evening not the Farmer. . . I politely said no. Fast forward to April 2004 and the Farmer and I got engaged. So in September 2005, I officially became the Farmer's Wife.

All together is been 17 years of good times and some bad times, love and of growth. Not only growing our love, our family and growing as husband and wife but also this land, this farm and ranch (yes, there is a difference. . . come back to learn more) and as the Farmer and the Farmer's Wife.

Stay tuned to see what the Farmer's Wife and the Farmer's Daughters have to share.

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