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Our Farm

Welcome. . .

Sweet Grass Farms, is a 1600+ acre 3rd generation, family owned and operated farm. Located in the quaint town of Pickford in the picturesque eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We are one of the largest commercial sheep producers in the eastern Upper Peninsula with 400 ewes currently. Besides being good shepherds to our breeding flock, we also raise feeder lambs. We tend to 65 Black Angus beef cattle, that calf starting in May. 


We have over 35 mischievous Yorkshire, Hampshire, Duroc, Berkshire sows. Alongside us our children raise on a smaller scale Boer goats, laying hens, meat chickens, laying ducks, meat ducks and turkeys. We hope to continue to grow our flocks and herds.

Our livestock are pasture raised/grazed. Cattle, goats, pigs and sheep are meant to graze and the pasture environment we provide means healthier animals and better tasting meat. In addition, we feed high quality, locally or regionally grown, non-GMO barley mixture, hay and haylage when needed. Our animals live in a clean, low-stress environment, this means they can grow naturally without hormones and routine antibiotic use. Our livestock is naturally raised and born on our farm.  Our unique feeding program enables a product that is exceptionally tender. We personally guarantee that the products we sell are farm raised in the manner that is best suited to provide you the best taste and quality available. We would love to share the experience with you and your family.

Our Family Farm


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